Auto Insurance in Regina

Auto Insurance in Regina

There are two components to automobile insurance in Saskatchewan: public and private.

Public Insurance

SGI provides drivers with the minimum coverages required by law. By law, all Saskatchewan registered vehicles must have at least $200,000 of liability insurance. When you register your vehicle this is what you receive. As well, in most situations, your vehicle registration provides you with insurance on your vehicle to its actual cash value with $700 deductibles. There are exceptions, but for most vehicles this is what is provided. You can purchase this coverage at any SGI motor license issuer.

Private Insurance

The second component is private Auto insurance. Private Auto insurance in Regina can increase the amount of third party liability insurance that you carry and also reduce your deductibles. Sometimes you will hear terms such as “package policy” or “auto pak” or “auto extension insurance”. These terms are often used to describe the private auto insurance in Regina which is available in addition to your basic plate insurance.

We can help you

Our motor license issuers can assist you in ensuring that your vehicle is correctly registered and that you have selected the payment option that best works for you. If you would like to renew online, you can do so here!

Our licensed brokers can discuss any additional coverages with you and help you as you determine:

  • How much liability insurance do you wish to purchase?
  • What deductibles you are comfortable paying in the event of a claim?
  • Is coverage required for stone chips or cracks on your windshield?
  • Do you require loss of use coverage which can provide you with a rental vehicle or means of getting around in the event of a claim?
  • Are you eligible for replacement cost coverage on your vehicle? A form of replacement cost coverage can be purchased on vehicles up to 10 years old.

Why You Need Auto Insurance in Regina

You are required to have auto insurance if you are the owner of a car or other vehicle.

Having a good auto insurance may protect you from:

  • Having to cover the fees to repair your vehicle if it’s damaged or if it’s in an accident

  • Having to cover the fees for a liability claims if ever you are held responsible for an accident that has caused damage to another person’s vehicle or injury another person.​

A good auto insurance policy will give you peace of mind. It will not only protect you and those you care about but also anyone who might get injured in an accident. Accidents happen all the time so get your coverage updated before it happens to you.   

Get Your Auto Insurance in Regina

No matter what you kind of auto insurance you need, our licensed brokers and motor license issuer cans help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for any questions you might have. We are there to make you Auto Insurance in Regina as simple as possible. Give us a call today to get you auto insurance. 

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