Baseball & Insurance

Baseball insurance

It’s Spring and with it comes beautiful weather, returning flocks of geese, ducks and wonderful songbirds like Robins and Jays. Best of all however is the return of my favorite sport, baseball. Every day in Spring ball gloves and bats are being retrieved from their winter hiding places so you can make amazing hits or catches. It doesn’t matter whether you play softball, baseball or slo-pitch. Maybe you just play catch with your kids or grandchildren. Bragging rights may soon be yours!!!  It doesn’t even matter if you just attend games or practices to watch others, like your kids, play the game that brings Spring back to us.

So what could go wrong with playing baseball?  I’m not about talking sprains, pulled muscles or deflated egos when you make the final out in a loss . I’m talking those dreaded foul balls that have a tendency to find only vehicles without an auto policy. It might be a dent, or a smack to the outside mirror, or worse yet a broken windshield. They all cause you grief. So which would you prefer? The basic $700 deductible, or a reduced deductible like $100, or even $50.    Come see us at Campbell & Haliburton and we can set you up with an auto policy that can help ease the financial pain of damage to your vehicle. Then you can get out and enjoy worry-free baseball and smile when that foul ball finds the vehicles without an auto policy!!


Harold Knight

Harold Knight