As a kid, I have fond memories of taking the Greyhound bus and “working” on my uncle’s farm just north of Herbert.  In fairness, he did a lot more of the work than I did.  But riding around in the back of a pickup truck hauling bales was a memorable way to spend a week.    Things have certainly changed since then.  For one thing riding there is no Greyhound bus line servicing Saskatchewan let alone transporting unaccompanied minors.  And we won’t even discuss riding in the back of a pickup!

But what has not changed is that Saskatchewan is still a fantastic place to spend the summer.  Our province covers over 651,000 sq km.  It reaches from Estevan in the South to Camsell Portage in the north, from Lloydminster to Creighton.    Our towns have auspicious and sometimes humourous names such as Elbow or Eyebrow, Drinkwater, Forget and Findlater.  Saskatchewan!  This is our home.

This summer we are going to Celebrate Saskatchewan.

Send us your pictures of you and your family celebrating anywhere in our province and enter to win.  Whether you are you enjoying the flowers at our Legislative Assembly or camping in Waskesiu smile, click and let us know.  If you are looking for foam on the lake or checking to see if the grass really is yellow take a picture and send it to us. 

Email us your picture and a short description of who you are and where you are to and we’ll look after the rest.  We will post your picture on both our website and Facebook page.  Then on Labour Day we will draw one lucky entrant and you will receive a truly Saskatchewan gift package. What is a Saskatchewan gift package, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see!


Daryl Arendt