This year’s Cathedral Village Arts Festival (CVAF) was a resounding success! Each company within Campbell & Haliburton Group came out to celebrate the arts, festivities, and to give away prizes at our booth.


Celebrating the Arts


An annual celebration that is deeply ingrained in Regina’s Cathedral community, Campbell & Haliburton Insurance has been a part of CVAF since its inception. We donate, encourage others to support, and participate in the main day parade every year.

This year, teams from CH Built, CH Living, and were stationed at the CH Group booth outside of’s insurance office, handing out prizes, giving insurance advice, and enjoying the spring sunshine. We were even joined by SGI’s Summer Squad!


The Parade


CVAF is renowned for celebrating the arts in Regina, usually in the form of propping up local music, food vendors, and visual artists. The main parade took place on Saturday, May 25th and had an impressive turnout, with festival organizers estimating over 50,000 attendees. CVAF’s festival director, Don Young, noted that this year’s parade exceeded expectations. In previous years, the average turnout was estimated to be around 30,000, but this year, it almost doubled!


Campbell & Haliburton Group made sure to take some photos of the amazing Regina vendors that came out for CVAF! Check them out here:

Join Us Next Year!


As the excitement comes to an end, we are more than thrilled with the Regina community who came out to connect with Campbell & Haliburton’s diverse group of companies. We will definitely be back next year! We urge the community to continue to support not only our city, Cathedral Village, and the Arts Festival itself, but to continue celebrating the arts that makes our province so special.