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How To Get A Fair Appraisal On Your Vehicle

Campbell & Haliburton Insurance Tips

When you have been in a collision and want to get a fair appraisal, it’s important to understand the guidelines set forth by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). Here are some tips:

Get a pre-appraisal inspection:

Before taking your vehicle to an appraiser, consider getting a pre-appraisal inspection. This will give you an idea of the extent of the damage and what repairs will need to be done. You can use this information to negotiate with the appraiser if you feel that their appraisal is unfair.

Choose a reputable appraiser:

Look for an appraiser who is licensed and has experience in assessing vehicles that have been in accidents. Check their references and ask for examples of previous appraisals they have done.

Provide all necessary documentation:

Make sure you provide the appraiser with all the documentation they need. For example, you need to provide the accident report, repair receipts, and any other relevant documents. This will help them to accurately assess the value of your vehicle.

Be honest about the damage:

Be honest about the extent of the damage to your vehicle. Trying to hide or downplay the damage will only hurt your chances of getting a fair appraisal.

Understand the appraisal process:

Familiarize yourself with the appraisal process so you know what to expect. The appraiser will typically inspect your vehicle, assess the damage, and compare it to the market value of similar vehicles in your area.

Negotiate, if necessary:

If you feel that the appraiser’s assessment is unfair, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Provide any additional information you have that may affect the value of your vehicle and be willing to compromise.

Know your rights:

If you’re not satisfied with the appraisal, you have the right to appeal the decision. Contact SGI for more information on how to file an appeal.

In conclusion, getting a fair appraisal on a vehicle that has been in an accident requires preparation, honesty, and understanding of the appraisal process. By following these tips and working with a reputable appraiser, you can ensure that you receive a fair value for your vehicle.

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