A Regina auto insurance expert explores this scenario: My car was trashed last night…am I covered? Therefore, today’s Campbell & Haliburton, myCH blog is going to discuss what to do if your car gets trashed!

My Car Was Trashed Last Night…Am I Covered?

We all have this fear. You wake up in the morning, get ready for work, head out to the car, and you have a window smashed. Maybe there is some damage to the door too. What was it that made them want to break in? Maybe no one actually broke in, but something caused damage to your car.

What Are You Covered For?

The first thing you should do is call your Regina insurance broker. Your broker is your first line in the process of figuring out what should be done. However, don’t be too be concerned! If Campbell & Haliburton Insurance knows what is happening with your vehicle, we can give you options that may help you out. For example, we can inform you on the coverages you may not have remembered you had! We can also advise you on what a claim will do on your policy. Below are things you and your broker will need to consider.

What Happened?

The first question you need to ask is what happened? Was it a hit and run? Did you notice if it was vandalized? Is the vehicle still drivable? You may have different deductibles for both collision and comprehensive damage (such as vandalism) on your package policy. Therefore, depending on the type of damage you have, there will be different amounts you are required to pay. If your vehicle is drivable, then there may not be an immediate cause for concern. However, if it is not drivable, you may be in a situation where you need a rental car. Your policy may provide this if you have loss of use!

Was Anything Stolen?

Another important thing to note is whether you had anything in the vehicle stolen. How is that covered? In most cases, an auto policy will not cover anything in a vehicle that is not attached to the vehicle. That is unless it is there strictly and solely for the use of the vehicle. This is an important, as it means that your golf clubs in the back seat will not be covered. Neither will a CD player if it is kept on the passenger seat, unattached. Your CD player will be covered, however, if it is taken from the dash and was attached to the vehicle! For example, your spare tire in the trunk is covered. However, what about the stuff that isn’t attached to the vehicle? If you have a tenant/condo/home policy, that policy would respond, albeit with its own deductible.

How Much Damage Is There?

When your car gets trashed, the next question is harder to determine: how much damage is there? Further, you might not have knowledge of all costs related to your vehicle. For example, vehicle parts, labour costs, and a working knowledge of how long it will take to fix the vehicle. The good news is there are many SGI accredited body shops that can adjust claims on the spot! Therefore, you don’t need to wait for SGI (unless your vehicle is undrivable, of course). Likely your favourite shop is accredited, but make sure and take a minute to see accredited collision repair shops. The accredited shop will then provide you with an estimate of repair that will be confirmed with an SGI adjuster.

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We know as well as you that this was not your fault. The evidence is there. Plus there is nothing worse than going through an ordeal like vandalism. You get everything repaired, foot the insurance bill, and then told the worst: your premiums are going to go up. The fact of the matter is that any time your insurance is used to pay for damages to anything, and the same is true for your home, your premiums will increase the following year. For example, let’s say you had a window broken but nothing else was damaged. It may be worth it to just pay for a new window rather than using your insurance and having costs increase. Of course, that being said, if you want to use it, use it by all means. That’s what your insurance is there for!

Paying For It

We’re at the final step – paying for it! Most shops will allow you to pay your deductible to their location. Then they will submit the required bills to your insurance. However, make sure you let them know who your insurance provider is! Best of all, nothing will count as a claim against you until you accept the use of your insurance at this point. If you decide while the repairs are being done, that you want to pay for it yourself, then you can do that without any increases. Sometimes, however, the shop will have you pay for the difference between your SGI Auto Fund deductible and the deductible shown on your auto policy. In those cases, provided your coverage was valid and in force on the vehicle, you would have to submit the bill to your insurer. Don’t worry though, your insurer would reimburse you the difference!

All this to say: call your broker if your car has been trashed. Campbell & Haliburton Insurance has insight, as this is what we live and breathe. We can help you understand your options. We can also help you find a place to go. Most importantly, we can make sure you end up okay in the end. The best time to have this discussion, however, is always before anything has happened.

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