This week Cam decided to help his friend out who had some trouble with his basement flooding. When Cam went to update the sump pump, this help led to a disaster. As we never recommend following the advice of Cam, is going to provide safety tips for maintaining sump pumps!


Maintenance for Sump Pumps


Once installed, a sump pump will require ongoing maintenance, particularly before the Spring thaw when water levels may rise. Sump pumps can also overheat when water levels are high, and the sump pump has to run continuously. Overheating then introduces the risk of fire.


How to Prevent Overheating


Here are some tips on how to maintain and prevent your sump pump from overheating:

  • Use sump pumps that have overheating switches.
  • Plug the pump into a dedicated electrical circuit.
  • Monitor the sump pump to detect overheating or other issues requiring repairs or replacement.
  • Always have a sump pump serviced by a professional.
  • Combustibles such as paint, thinner, gasoline, etc., should be kept out of the sump pump area.
  • Watch for any debris, silt, or dirt in the pit that could clog the float switch.
  • Ensure the motor is level.
  • Maintain a charged backup battery.


These few steps can keep your sump pump functioning at optimal levels and save the expense of potential damages either due to natural flooding or overheating and fire.



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