Regina Beach Explosion

Photo credit – CJME

Happy Anniversary – I guess…  December 3, 2019 marks 5 years since my home in Regina Beach blew up.

The house 2 doors up from mine exploded after a leak in a nearby underground pipe filled it with natural gas.  The blast demolished that home and damaged several others to the point they had to be bulldozed as unsalvageable.

A better way to describe it for me would be an implosion, not an explosion I guess.  My home was down the hill from the explosion and there was another home adjacent to mine that took a lot of the initial blast.  The shock wave travelled past my home and then there was an implosion as the air rushed back in to fill the void where the explosion had occurred – forming a vacuum of sorts there.  I suspect that’s what did the real damage to my home.

The walls had all buckled and bulged, the ceiling inside the home had partially collapsed – all the doors and windows were blown out, or in some cases, in.

The miracle is that nobody was killed or seriously injured.  My wife actually came into Regina that day with me to visit the kids, so she wasn’t home at the time.  Our dogs, a Pomeranian/Papillion cross and a wiener dog both survived, although they were never the same.  After the explosion, one had to always be able to see where everyone in the house was and the other had to be physically touching you at all times.

On the practical side, I had good insurance.  I had the right policy and the right optional coverages that made recovery as smooth an experience as it could be.  Although some things couldn’t be replaced, they were just that – things.  All those things that really mattered were safe and sound.

That one event ultimately shaped my future.  When the time came to transition from my radio career to something else I decided I wanted to be an Insurance Broker – at the same brokerage that put my policy in place – Campbell & Haliburton.  To me, it’s about trying to help prepare people for that moment that you never expect to come.  That moment when you are looking at what is left of your home and you realize – I don’t even have a toothbrush…

Dave Arnold


Dave Arnold