In this article, we share the August 2022 Talk To The Experts Regina Home Insurance Show. Campbell & Haliburton Insurance is a locally owned Regina insurance broker, and we are proud to be present in the same city that we started in 1957!! We are happy to be a part of the Regina community, as we believe this is one of the most important values of our company. Further, we are a certified SGI Regina insurance broker and know the importance of selling an insurance policy and educating each customer.

Regina Home Insurance Show

In August 2022 we aired our first Campbell and Haliburton Talk To The Experts show on CJME 980AM. The theme of our first show was home insurance!  

Part 1: Regina Home Insurance Show

Part 2: Regina Home Insurance Show

Home insurance is not just a financial safeguard; it’s a shield for your peace of mind. In unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, accidents, or thefts, it provides a crucial safety net, ensuring that your home and possessions are protected. With Campbell & Haliburton, securing your home means securing your future. Further, home insurance packages aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. With varying needs and budgets, Campbell & Haliburton ensures personalized assistance in finding the best home insurance for you. Confused by terms like prestige, broad form, or comprehensive insurance? We’ll break it down in plain, understandable language—no insurance jargon. In a world where life can be costly, safeguard what matters most to you and your family with reliable and clear home insurance. Campbell & Haliburton Insurance is here to help you protect what’s important.

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**(This is a general overview. There are many different insurance companies and there are always differences in insurance policies. For specific details on your policy and coverage, we recommend that you contact your agent or broker).