Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance in Regina

Your condo is your home, and likely your most valuable asset, whether it is a detached stand alone bungalow, a townhouse or an apartment style condo.  But we know that it is more than simply an asset, it is your home. This is where you live, where you relax, where you enjoy life. At Campbell & Haliburton, myCH, we are there to help you protect it.

How Much Insurance Do I Need?

Knowing the amount of insurance you need can be confusing.  This can be especially true when talking about condo insurance in Regina.  After all, doesn’t the condominium corporation provide insurance? Isn’t that where some of the condo fees go?  At Campbell & Haliburton, myCH, we navigate the differences with you and help you figure out how much you need.   When getting condo insurance in Regina, in most cases, there are two factors that you look at to determine how much insurance you require.  What would it cost to replace your contents? What is the value of any improvements or betterments to your unit?  In most cases, simply knowing the cost to replace your contents is sufficient to obtain a quote.  We have a home inventory worksheet that helps to take the guesswork out of how much coverage you need.


What Kind of Insurance Do I Need?

Packages for Condo insurance in Regina are not one size fits all.  We all have different needs and different budgets. At Campbell & Haliburton, myCH, we will help you figure out the differences.  Confused by terms like Broad Form or Comprehensive Insurance?  Not to worry, we’ll explain this to you in ways that make sense and you can understand.  Plain talk – not insurance speak.


Condo Insurance

Your Personal Belongings – everything from couches to clothing and toothbrushes to TV’s

Unit Improvements or Betterments

Contingent Coverage

Loss Assessment

Deductible Assessment

Sewer Back-up and Overland Water Protection

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Building Bylaws Coverage

Coverage for special items:

o   Jewelry

o   Boats and Motors

o   Bicycles

o   ATVs

Additional Living Expenses

Liability Insurance



Security Systems

Credit Scoring


Being “claims free”

The Fine Print

This is a summary.  All condo insurance policies contain terms, limitations and differences.  We understand them, and we’ll walk through them with you.  For all of these coverages there are limitations and exclusions.  And in all cases the actual insurance policy wording is what will be used in the event of a claim.  While we are not writing each and every exclusion here, we do have the wordings and will make sure that you are not just given a copy of the them but also that they’re explained to you before you purchase, and more importantly before there is a claim.

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