Hi there! It’s Daryl, your Regina Home Insurance Expert at Campbell & Haliburton, myCH. In this blog, we are going to discuss home insurance and building costs.


Home Insurance and Lumber Costs

Homebuilding prices are seeing huge increases from this time last year until now. For anyone who has done renovations recently or has built a new home, this comes as no surprise. A trip to Home Depot, Rona, or any other lumber store will give us eye-popping evidence of where prices are at. Further, building materials are more expensive than last year.

In the past year:

  • Plywood has gone up by over 30%
  • 2 x 4 lumber has increased by over 60%

So, what does this have to do with your home insurance? A lot! Therefore, this is a good time to review your home insurance policy. If you had a loss, would you have enough insurance to rebuild at today’s prices? At Campbell & Haliburton Insurance, we typically review this annually at renewal for our clients. However, prices are skyrocketing. So now is a good time to have this conversation, even before your policy renews!

Here are a few ‘what if’ scenarios to consider:


What If Your Home Is Insured On A Replacement Cost Basis?

Most owner-occupied homes are insured on a replacement cost basis. We should talk to ensure that you have a sufficient amount to rebuild your home, taking the new costs into account.


What If Your Home Insurance Has Guaranteed Replacement Cost?

Many owner-occupied homes have this and we should still talk. Even with a guaranteed replacement cost coverage, there may still be situations where you need to increase the amount of insurance that you have. For example, if you have done renovations to your home, and many of us have, you should review the value. If you have any detached garages or outbuildings you should ensure that the amount of insurance that you have on them is still adequate.


What If You Have a Rental Home or Seasonal Dwelling?

Do you have a rental home or a seasonal dwelling? Is it insured on an actual cash value or depreciated value basis? If so, we should talk to ensure the value is still adequate.


Campbell & Haliburton Home Insurance


What Are Your Next Steps? Contact Campbell & Haliburton Insurance

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  • If you are comfortable, please stop by our office and we can talk in person. We have safety procedures in place, hand sanitizer readily available, Plexiglas in place, and home insurance experts waiting to answer any questions you have. We are here for you.

As you walk out of our door, you can do so with the assurance that you are covered with the home insurance that best meets your needs. If you don’t have an insurance broker and want to talk to someone who is truly passionate about your insurance, contact us at Campbell & Haliburton Insurance. We would love to talk to you.


Daryl Arendt

Office Manager & Licensed Insurance Broker