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Getting Travel Insurance in Regina


If you’re travelling away from home for business or pleasure, you will need travel insurance. Looking into your policy while you are in the Queen City will provide you with peace of mind as you travel. Don’t let unforeseen bills get in the way of your perfect vacation, purchase the best travel insurance in Regina with one of our expert insurance brokers before you go!


Being Covered

No matter where you are going, you want to be covered if something were to happen to you or your family. Our insurance brokers in Regina will take the time to find the perfect policy that is suited to your needs. Let us help keep you safe while you are having the time of your life!


Why should you get travel insurance in Regina?

  • Your regular health insurance plan may not pay for medical fees contracted while outside of Canada
  • A nicely planned trip can quickly turn into a nightmare if your luggage gets lost and you have to sacrifice fun activities to buy new clothes or medication.
  • Medical care outside of Canada can be very expensive.
  • Some hospitals may even require cash payment up front if you have no insurance or treatment may be refused without payment.


What Is Covered? 

When you purchase a travel insurance policy from Campbell & Haliburton myCH, you will be covered for emergency medical treatment.  Should you require we can also provide you with trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance.  Of course every policy is adapted to your specific traveling needs; we will sit down with you to discuss those needs. 


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Buying travel insurance has never been easier.  Stop by our office.  Give us a call. Send us an email or simply click on the Get a Quote button.  And during regular business hours one of our licensed insurance brokers in Regina will respond within one hour.


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