Renewing license plates can be a last-minute task, even when given advance notice. That’s why renewing your plates online is a convenient option. and MYSGI allow quick plate renewal if time has gotten away from you. Equally important, provides more than the opportunity to renew your plates.


Renewing Your Plates With


We offer new vehicle registration, as well as comprehensive car insurance coverage. SGI provides basic policy coverage with the minimum required by law, which in Saskatchewan is $200,000 of liability insurance, with your vehicle insured to its cash value with a $700 deductible to be paid when an at-fault claim is made.  Additional private insurance can be purchased to increase your third-party liability insurance and reduce the deductible.


MYSGI Easy Renewal

Saskatchewan license plate: Renew Your Plates, Campbell & Haliburton InsuranceThanks to MYSGI’s user-friendly system, you can directly renew your license plate online with Campbell & Haliburton Insurance as your issuer!


Private Auto Insurance


The terms “package policy,” “auto pak,” or “auto extension insurance” are terms used for private auto insurance. At Campbell & Haliburton Insurance, we source auto insurance policies with lower deductibles in case of a collision claim. We also provide coverage for fire, vandalism, hail, glass damage, and replacement cost coverage for new vehicles. Whether you are looking for coverage for a family vehicle, classic car, recreational or commercial vehicle, there is a policy that’s right for you.

Protecting your vehicle is an essential investment in one of your most significant assets, so contact one of our knowledgeable insurance brokers for a quote on an auto insurance policy designed to meet your needs. Our auto insurance rates are competitive and affordable, and best of all, we’re locally owned and operated in Regina, Saskatchewan!


Don't worry about going to our insurance office - you can renew your plates online!