This week Cam decided to work on fixing his friend’s roof which then lead to a terrible leak. As we never recommend following the advice of Cam, is going to provide safety tips for roofing!


Roofing Safety Tips


It’s crucial to maintain safety when roofing as there are potential hazards to consider: risk of falling, working with power tools at heights, electrical hazards, exposure to hazardous substances, including asbestos, paint fumes, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.


1. Fall Hazards

Do an initial inspection of the structure and working environment:

  • Can the structure support the weight?
  • Are there holes or openings?
  • Are there guardrails available?
  • Are ladders free of defects and appropriately placed?
  • Is there harnessing and fall protection gear available to all workers?

2. Power Tools

  • Ensure all power tools are in good working order before beginning.
  • Train all workers on power tool safety and handling.

3. Electricity

  • Be aware of nearby powerlines.
  • Survey the area to identify all potential shock hazards.
  • Conduct electrical safety checks on all equipment regularly.

4. Hazardous Substances

  • Consider what dangerous substances may be in the environment.
  • Take action to store and promote the proper safe handling of these substances.

5. Extreme Temperatures

  • Avoid working in extreme heat or cold weather conditions.
  • Identify any temperature-related equipment hazards and address them through training.

6. Personal Protective Equipment

When working on a roof, wearing the PPE that provides the protection you require is essential.

  • Hard hat
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses and visors
  • Earplugs and muffs
  • Harnesses and lanyards
  • Respiratory protection
  • Protection from wet weather

Roofing requires technical skills and experience to work in challenging environments. Consulting a professional is advisable.



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