Saturday madness is upon us once again!  Or Saturday fun, perhaps.  This Saturday marks the annual street fair for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival on 13th Ave.

The street will be blocked off and local artists, musicians and businesses will be showcasing their very best!

I’ve been peripherally involved for many years with the Festival – from being President of the Cathedral Area Community Association at one point, to BBQing smokies and hot dogs out front of the community centre over the years (the fried onions were always a hit) – and the sights and sounds of the day never grow old.

Musical stages, buskers, artisans and probably the best part – people watching.  It’s estimated 30 – 40 thousand people show up for the big day.  That’s nearly 1 in 5 people in the city in a good year!

Costumes, ferrets, dogs, parades, food trucks and tunes – something is guaranteed to catch your eye.

Our office will be closed for the day – but we’ll be out front giving away free swag (let’s face it, we sell insurance – not necessarily the most artistic endeavor I can think of – so no artwork and I can’t carry a tune in a bucket anyway).  But we will be a part of the day in our own way.

The behind the scenes work and volunteers that pull this off every year are epic!  Thanks to the community for a very special day each year – and we hope to see you down here!

To see the list of things happening, head to

All the best,

Dave Arnold