This week Cam decided to build a deck for a commercial project using some faulty principles. As we never recommend following the advice of Cam, is going to provide safety tips for deck construction!


Deck Construction Precautions



There are many safety considerations before installing a deck, such as:

  • Ensure people stand well back from the area of operation.
  • Do not ride or work in the bucket or use it as a work platform.
  • Know the area, including overhead powerlines, uneven terrain, or present obstacles.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adding a counterweight to the back of the tractor.
  • Wheels should be set to the widest possible setting.
  • Never leave the front-end loader with the bucket raised.
  • Only use the front-end loader for its intended purpose, which does not include towing or knocking objects down.
  • Detach the loader from the tractor when not in use.


When it comes to constructing the deck, we advise that:

  • The spacing of support joists and beams will be determined by the area’s span, construction materials used, and the environment. Consult a guide like the Canadian Wood Council’s “Prescriptive Residential Exterior Wood Deck Span Guide.”
  • Use approved hardware, such as lag bolts, to attach the deck ledger to the building to provide lateral support.
  • Ensure deck planking is applied evenly to avoid trips and falls.
  • Stairs must be evenly spaced and secured at the top and bottom.
  • Depending on the deck’s elevation, guardrails should be installed on all sides that are not protected by a wall.
  • Guardrails should be designed in a way that prohibits climbing.
  • There must be clear access under the deck.
  • Panels should be easily removed from the deck if necessary.
  • Selecting suitable wood is critical to ensure durability and decay resistance.
  • Use corrosion-resistant fasteners, connectors, and flashings.
  • Adequate ventilation and drainage are essential to prolong the life of the deck.


Significant pre-planning is vital to a successful outcome. Campbell & Haliburton Insurance recommends that you abide by building standards and safety codes for your area. When in doubt, consult a professional.



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