Do you like escape rooms? Or, are you curious to try one? If so, you must enter this month’s February edition to our monthly contests. While we have a new exciting contest every month, we are pumped to announce the prize for this one!


February Edition of Our Monthly Contests


Starting today, February 7th, and running until the end of the month, you have an opportunity to win a $100 gift card to Escape Club. We make a new post every week up until the second last week of February, which means you have three chances to enter!

The winner of this month’s contest will be announced February 29th on all of our social media channels. If you do not end up winning – no worries, you will have another chance to win next month!


What is an Escape Room?


Are you a fan of puzzles or strategic board games? An escape room is similar to both, however, it’s much more interactive. It can be defined as a physical adventure game where players are typically locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles and riddles. You then use the clues, hints, and some strategy to complete the objectives at hand. The goal is to “escape” the room within a set time limit, which is usually around 60 minutes. Additionally, there are different themes for each escape room!


Escape Club


Escape Club was the first escape room to open up in Regina. They pride themselves on challenging rooms with a very smooth game flow. There are six different rooms and scenarios offered at Escape Club:

  1. Spellbound
  2. Jones and The Tomb of Life
  3. Secure: Save Siberia, Save the World
  4. Miss Fortune
  5. Old Mac
  6. Prodigy

If you have any more questions on what Escape Club offers, please click here to read their frequently asked questions!


How to Enter


Participating is very simple. All you need to do is go on to our Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts for any of our companies. Whether that be CH Built, Insurance, or CH Living. Simply follow, like, and either tag or share the contest post. You can also double your luck by commenting how long you would survive in a zombie apocalypse.

*You must reside in Regina or the surrounding area, or are able to come pick up the prize at our Cathedral office.


Where to Enter

Win a $100 gift card to Escape Club!

Congratulations to Terena Kaeding-Palmer for winning our last month’s contest!