Campbell & Haliburton is a locally owned Regina insurance company,  and we are proud to be present in the same city that we started in 1957!! Being part of the Regina community is one of the most important values of our company. We are a certified SGI CANADA broker and know the importance of not just selling an insurance policy, but educating each customer. Last month, we reviewed how to renew your plates online with SGI. This month we are going to continue, and show what other things you can do when you renew your plates online part 2. 

Renew Your Plates Online Part 2

Based on our previous blog, you needed to set up your MySGI account, get your activation code and sign in.  Here is the link to sign in from the website to renew your plates online.

Once you are on the website you will see the following header.

Renew my plates online SGI, Campbell & Haliburton Insurance Regina

  • From this header you have many options.
  • The one that we are are looking for to renew our plates, is the tab that says My Vehicles. 
  • When you pop on that tab, you will get a drop down option.
  • On the left hand side of the drop down, you will see the words Transactions
  • Under that is the option to Renew My Registration
  • When you click on that option, you will get a list of the vehicles that you own.
  • Click on the vehicle that you need to renew the plates for
  • At the bottom of the page is a submit button, click on it.
  • From there continue to follow the instructions until your vehicle plates are renewed.

The longest part of this process is registering your email address and waiting for your activation code.  Once you have access to your MySGI account. You can do everything from renewing your plates online, looking at your driving extract to submitting an auto claim when you have an accident.

if you have any troubles setting up your account, please Contact us today, Campbell & Haliburton Insurance, we’ve got you covered for all for your insurance needs!

Our Trusted Regina Insurance Agents at Campbell & Haliburton have your best interests and safety in mind and our commitment to customer service is one of the pillars of our business. We also know insurance inside and out, so please get in touch with us for all of your insurance needs and we will be more than happy to help ensure what you value most is protected.

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