This week Cam decided he needed a handier way to strip off the top layer of sod from the lawn. With the help from his nephew Bert, he decided to attach a front-end loader onto the bumper of his car. We definitely don’t recommend and suggest following our safety tips on operating front-end loaders…


General Safety Precautions

We advise you follow these general safety precautions when using any front-end loaders:

  • Ensure people stand well back from the area of operation.
  • Do not ride or work in the bucket or use it as a work platform.
  • Know the area, including overhead powerlines, uneven terrain, or present obstacles.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adding a counterweight to the back of the tractor.
  • Wheels should be set to the widest possible setting.
  • Never leave the front-end loader with the bucket raised.
  • Only use the front-end loader for its intended purpose, which does not include towing or knocking objects down.
  • Detach the loader from the tractor when not in use.

Operating a Front-End Loader


  • Only operate the controls from the driver’s seat of the front-end loader.
  • Travel in a straight line when the bucket is lowered for loading or raised for unloading.
  • Keep the load in the bucket balanced.
  • When traveling, keep the bucket low to the ground to keep the front-end loader from overturning should the tractor tip forward.
  • Travel at low speeds, avoiding jerky movements and abrupt turns. Do not load and turn simultaneously.
  • Back down hills when the bucket is loaded.
  • The bucket should only be raised close to the dump site.
  • When leaving the tractor, ensure the bucket is lowered, stop the engine, and engage the brakes.


Equipment operation is often best left to a professional, so extreme caution should be exercised.



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