After our newest Cam blog, we decided to draft up some important safety tips for working around electrical power lines. These safety tips will keep you from harm’s way, plus guarantee you won’t get in trouble with your insurance company.


Working Around Electrical Power Lines


Working in the yard or contemplating renovations requires being aware of your surroundings. Before beginning any construction, it’s essential to follow these safety tips:


1. Site Assessment

  • Carefully check out the area where you plan to work.

2. Powerline Identification

  • Identify all powerlines on the site, both in the air and underground.

3. Above-Ground Considerations

  • Consider above-ground powerlines when working on your roof or trimming trees.

4. Underground Line Awareness

  • Identify underground lines (e.g., fence posts, landscaping, decks) before digging.

5. Saskatchewan-specific Information

  • In Saskatchewan, contact Sask 1st Call to identify underground lines. It’s free and ensures safety, preventing power outages.

6. Working Proximity to Powerlines

  • Always stay at least 3 meters from a powerline when working.
  • Have someone spot you to prevent getting closer than three meters, as electricity can jump or “arc” to you or your tools.

7. High-Reach Vehicle Safety

  • Have someone signal to drivers of high-reach vehicles to keep them back at least three meters from overhead powerlines.

8. Dump Truck Safety

  • Ensure dump trucks always lower the box after loading at the work site.

9. Emergency Response

  • If wires fall on a vehicle or on the ground, assume they are still charged.
  • Stay in your vehicle, call 911, and ensure everyone stays back at least 33 meters.

10. Powerline Status Confirmation

  • Remember, only a utility worker can confirm if a powerline is inactive or live.

11. Structures and Powerlines

  • Never add structures like treehouses or swings to a tree close to a powerline, as they could become energized or catch fire.

12. Planting Considerations

  • Consider underground lines and root growth when planting trees or shrubs.
  • Ensure two to three meters remain accessible on all sides of ground-mounted electrical pedestals for easy access during emergencies and maintenance work.

13. End-of-Day Awareness

    • Stay alert, particularly at the end of the day, when workers may be tired or careless rushing to finish the work.


Please Remember

Observing safety rules around electrical powerlines is a task for all workers on site!

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Remember, prioritizing safety around electrical power lines not only protects you on-site but also protects your investment. If you have any further questions on these safety tips or farm and commercial insurance, please contact one of our insurance brokers!