Wood carving can prove to be both functional and a pleasurable pastime if done safely. Don’t be a Cam, follow our safety tips when you use carving blades!


Top Ten Tips for Carving Blades


First Aid and Dressing

Maintain a well-stocked first aid kit and keep it nearby when carving in case you cut yourself. Also, learn how to dress various kinds of cuts.

Blade Guard Essentials

Always ensure that your blades have guards to prevent accidents.

Blade Handling

Blades must be respected because cutting yourself is a danger. However, maintaining a sharp carving knife ensures you can apply only the necessary force when woodworking.

Protection and Caution

Wear gloves to protect your hands, but remain vigilant. A sharp blade can cut through a glove, so caution is still required.

Tool Stability

Use a bench hook to hold your carving piece stationary as you work on it.

Safe Cutting Techniques

Always cut away from your body, keeping your free hand away from where you are carving. Keep your hands behind the tool.

Proper Tool Handling

Never hold the carving in one hand while using a tool in the other.

Prevent Accidents

Avoid the temptation to try to grab a falling chisel or knife.

Cutting Awareness

Consider the blade and where it could land should it slip or fall. Think carefully before cutting.

Final Tip

It seems obvious, but it is worth stating that you should never let minors carve alone.


For safety, always think before cutting, keep your tools well-maintained, and remain attentive to your actions at every step of the process. Finally, always contact your insurance broker before making any changes to your home.

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