What are some tips on interviewing a qualified contractor? The Canadian Home Builders Association recommends interviewing potential contractors to understand their qualifications, references, suggestions for your project and an estimate of costs with a timeline of when the project could begin and when it would be finished.

Tips On Interviewing a Contractor

Some of the important questions include:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • How large is the company? Do they have staff or do they sub-contract?
  • What services do they offer and how did they gain their expertise in these areas?
  • Have they done renovations like you are requesting. If so, what suggestions can they offer?
  • Do they have proof of Workers Compensation and business liability insurance for the work they are engaging in?
  • Do they issue a written contract and is there a warranty on their work?
  • How will they approach your project (permits, do they assist in choosing products, schedule, do they anticipate household disruption, after clean-up)?

Don't be a Cam!

Always Ask

It’s always important to talk to your representative from Campbell & Haliburton to understand what your policy may cover! Further, if you are having any troubles interviewing or finding a qualified contractor, take a look at The Canadian Home Builders Association!