In this blog, we’re going to explain what life insurance is and what your options are. Few of us want to think about what would happen should we no longer be around to take care of our families. While we might not want to ponder what might happen, life insurance is the answer to the question of “What would my family do without me?”


What is Life Insurance?


Life insurance is tax-free and can be used to alleviate the pressures of:

  • Paying for funeral and other final expenses.
  • Replacing income and helping your family maintain their lifestyle.
  • Paying off debts.


Life Insurance Options


These policies may vary with differing term lengths and policy options. This can contribute to the decision of whether to go with whole life or term insurance. The best way to determine the policy and the associated premiums that are right for you is to sit down with one of our Campbell and Haliburton insurance brokers. We are based in Regina, Saskatchewan, and have a reputation for serving the interests of many satisfied policyholders. After reviewing your needs, your broker reviews your policy options to determine the best insurance coverage for you.

Although none of us may want to think about life insurance, most of us will want to know that we have done what we needed to do to provide for our families in our absence.


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How Can We Help?


We offer a personalized approach to find the coverage that best meets your needs and suits your lifestyle. can also help you to prepare in advance for what life might throw your way. If you are interested in discussing life insurance options with one of our skilled insurance brokers, you can contact us by:


  1. Giving us a call at 306-757-0621.
  2. Filling out an online quote form.
  3. Dropping by our insurance office at 2101 Retallack St.
  4. E-mailing us at!