There isn’t a renovation, automotive repair or general construction project that Cam hasn’t turned his hand to. Sometimes, people say “Cam, is that wise?” But he always goes by his trusty motto “If anyone can do it, Cam can!” While the Campbell & Haliburton Insurance team finds him charming, we want to caution our Regina customers that Can is in no way insurable. Further, we want to help our insurance customers avoid the same messes Cam gets himself in.


General Construction Tips


When planning any construction project, consider how you will be able to work safely. There are many ways to protect yourself and those around you, such as:

  • Ensure there is a safe entrance and exit for the work area.
  • Arrange your work area to allow for the safe movement of people, equipment, and materials.
  • Clear your work area of materials or tools that can create a slipping or tripping hazard.
  • Ladders should be secured and extended at least 3 feet beyond the edge on which they rest.
  • Ladders at an angle should be set at a ratio of 4 feet vertical for every foot it’s set horizontally (e.g., a ladder that is 4 feet high should be at least 1 foot out at the base).
  • A stairway with treads and a handrail should be built when constructing a floor or deck.
  • Scaffolding should follow all applicable standards, including WCB, CSA Group, and ANSI. always recommends consulting a professional before starting any construction project. Further, preparing your work area and thinking about the safety of those working in the space prevents accidents from happening.


Contact Us


Don’t be a Cam, please talk to your insurance broker before you embark on any DIY projects. is there to help you prepare in advance for what life might throw your way. If you are interested in discussing any insurance policy options with one of our skilled brokers, you can contact us:


    1. Calling your insurance broker or giving us a call at our main line: 306-757-0621.
    2. Filling out an online quote form.
    3. E-mailing us at!