This week Cam decided to create his own fish pond, but in usual Cam-fashion, he thought it was a good idea to cut some corners. After finding out that the stone slid, Cam found most of his koi fish passed away from impact.  As we never recommend following the advice of Cam, is going to provide safety tips for working near water!


Safety Tips When Working Near Water

Working around water can involve hazards, including electrical wiring, pumps, unstable surfaces, and equipment that isn’t easy to maneuver in the work area. Drowning is also a significant concern when working around deep water. We recommend having at least one person on-site proficient in CPR, first aid, and emergency response procedures.


Before You Begin

Campbell & Haliburton Insurance suggest that you:

  • Know the body of water; consider its depth, temperature, and whether there are tides or currents.
  • Check the weather before working.
  • Assess the area to address potential hazards, including the potential to trip and fall. Surfaces should be clean, dry, and clear of debris.
  • Consider the types of equipment that will be used by water.
  • Wear appropriate slip-resistant footwear.



These are some of the hazards to consider when working near water, which introduces additional cautions to be aware of. They are particularly important if you are working on a deck, dock, or beside a boat.


  • Check for loose boards or nails.
  • Keep stairs, ladders, and ramps clear of trip and fall hazards.
  • Keep tools secure when not in use.
  • Install railings or curbs on open sides to prevent falls or fenders on the dockside of a deck.
  • Paint dock edges in a bright contrasting colour.
  • Never position your body between the dock and the boat.
  • Be aware that rocks can be extremely slippery when positioning your foot or walking.


Always consult a professional if you are not comfortable with the work to be done.

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