Cam thought it was a good idea to use regular old brick to make a fire pit for his friend, Hank. Hank was pretty upset when the brick crumbled off immediately! As we never recommend following the advice of Cam, is going to provide safety tips when working with heavy objects – such as building yourself a fire pit.


Safety Tips When Working With Heavy Objects


Correct Posture

Correct posture reduces stress on your body and avoids neck and back problems. To maintain a good posture, we recommend:

  • Lifting from the knees rather than the hips.
  • Keeping loads close to the body.
  • Do not twist or lift – keep your nose, shoulders, hips, and toes aligned and facing forward.
  • Avoid reaching.


Plan and Route

Before lifting or carrying a heavy object, consider your plan and route:

  • Should a mechanical method be used (hand truck, dolly, push carts, etc.)?
  • Where is the load being moved to, and are there any obstacles, uneven surfaces, or stairs?
  • Are there handholds on the objects, or are gloves or other personal protection equipment required? Should the load be placed in another container with handholds?
  • Is another person required to lift the object?
  • Consider whether the object can be pushed rather than pulled. Pushing is the safer method of moving a heavy object.
  • Regular breaks reduce the risk of putting excessive, prolonged stress on your body and overexertion.
  • Exercising caution is necessary when working with any heavy object.


It’s a good idea to consult a professional if preparing to undertake work you are unfamiliar with performing.


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