Campbell & Haliburton Insurance is thrilled to put on another giveaway for January that extends across all our companies. From construction at CH Built to insurance at and apartment rentals with CH Living: everyone is invited to enter. Therefore, in this blog, we’re going to give you all the details on our new January monthly contest!


January Monthly Contest Details


Starting today, December 10th, and running until the end of the month, you have an opportunity to win a fantastic prize valued at $100. What is that prize, you might ask? A $100 gift card to Ambitious Baker! The winner will be announced at the beginning of February. This is hopefully before the cold Saskatchewan weather hits us.

If you do not end up winning – no worries, we do these giveaways monthly.


Details About the Prize

Ambitious Bakery is a a local Regina bakery that specializes in sourdough! Further, it is run by a Regina-native, Rebecca, who had some troubles finding any variety of sourdough at a shop. Therefore, as a self-declared lover of food, Rebecca turned her passion into her current business!


How to Enter

Participating is very simple. All you need to do is go on to our Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts for any of our companies. Whether that be CH Built, Insurance, or CH Living. Simply follow, like, and either tag or share the contest post. Do you want to be entered in the contest twice? Tag a friend and comment what kind of animal you think they would be!


Where to Enter



Stay Connected to Win the Giveaway


Keep your eyes peeled on our social media accounts. We will provide updates, the winner announcement for the January monthly contest, and the launch of the next contest. At, we’re not just an insurance company; we’re building a community!


Win a $100 gift card to Ambitious Baker - a local Regina bakery that specializes in sourdough!


We’re excited to celebrate the New Year with the launch of our newest giveaway! Whether you’re a construction aficionado, an insurance enthusiast, or a property management pro, there’s something for everyone in the Campbell & Haliburton Group family. Remember we do these contests every month—so there is always a chance to win the next time round.