Your business is important whether you are a small local business or a large commercial operation, so it’s essential to protect your investment and manage your business risk. Let’s explore some of your commercial coverage options.


Commercial Coverage Options


What We Offer


At Campbell and Haliburton, we offer:

  1. small business insurance,
  2. commercial property insurance,
  3. commercial liability insurance,
  4. commercial vehicle, and
  5. general liability insurance.


What Other Options Are There?


You can also protect your business assets through commercial fleet insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and cyber liability insurance. Our commercial insurance brokers can help you by assessing your business size, total revenue, number of employees, and a range of other considerations. This allows the insurer to understand the business risk associated with your operation and then factor this into the terms and conditions being offered. After receiving all responses to an application for commercial insurance, your broker will evaluate each package to determine the best combination of coverage and pricing and make suggestions or recommendations to suit your needs so you can make an informed decision.


Are you single shop business or have multiple locations? Either way, can provide coverage options!


Get A Quote


Campbell & Haliburton Insurance has been in business since 1957 in Regina. We will always provide the same superior service and expertise you’ve come to expect. Further, at, we understand that insurance is the client’s choice. Our goal is to reduce the insurance speak and educate you on your choices and make recommendations on the best commercial insurance policy based on the coverage you require.

If you’re interested in what a commercial insurance policy may cost you, please fill out our online form and quickly get a quote from one of our brokers.