At, it’s no surprise we’re all about community. We routinely sponsor and help out organizations that we believe match our core values and philosophy. Therefore, we’re happy to announce that Campbell & Haliburton Insurance is taking on the role of this year’s scotch sponsors for the Regina Legion’s Burns Night Celebration!


The Burns Night Celebration


Scheduled for January 27th, 2024, the Regina Legion is gearing up to host an unforgettable Scottish-themed event. This year’s celebration promises an excellent blend of smooth Scotch, tradition, and a heartfelt commitment to Canadian veterans.

Are you curious about what’s on the menu for this special occasion?


The Schedule

  • A traditional Scottish-themed Burns dinner.
  • Afterwards, a guided tasting which includes a sample of five of the finest Scotch whiskies.
  • A formal address to the Haggis Ceremony.


The Regina Legion


Let’s shine a spotlight on the Regina Legion:

A distinguished branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, the Regina Legion was established to champion the interests and welfare of veterans. This included military personnel, RCMP members, and their families. The Legion tirelessly provides an array of services to Canadian veterans, such as:

  1. financial grants,
  2. advocacy for deserved benefits,
  3. assistance in securing homes, and
  4. outreach initiatives on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada.


Scotch Sponsors - is proud to be the scotch sponsor of this event!


Scotch Sponsors


As Scotch Sponsors, Campbell & Haliburton take great pride in supporting the Burns Night Celebration and contributing to the well-being of veterans. Therefore, as the Scotch Sponsor, our commitment is to ensure that the glasses of the Regina Legion are filled with good Scotch!

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to secure your ticket to this event and join us in supporting the Regina Legion. Your presence will not only guarantee a night of enjoyment but will also contribute to the noble cause of assisting our deserving veterans. Cheers to the Regina Legion and our veterans!